next PM-Camp Barcelona planned for 2021


Alex Kroger

Worked in different fields from finance to management, with a big focus on development and improvement at all levels. Lived in Poland, Spain and Norway. Carrying and sharing the Scandinavian way of seeing the environment. Enjoying CSR and opening minds.

Klaus Hofeditz

Worked in the field of IT and Operations in Europe and the US. In 2014 he visited his first PM Camp in Dornbirn, Austria and got bitten by the PM Camp bug. He’s a Consultant, SW Architect, Full-Stack Developer and Co-founder of ]project-open[.

Álvaro Cristóbal

Álvaro has developed himself professionally across a wide range of different sectors and types of consulting work, focusing on both strategic and project management services. While he is working in a big four company he is on the hunt to learn more about the innovative and collaborative culture.

Núria Sanglas

Nuria has worked in the renewable energy sector for more than 10 years. Joining international companies and managing big or small projects but always 100% charged full of energy. PMP certified in San Francisco, where she spent one of the best years of her live. Project management is one of her passions.

Sinéad Quigley Maher

Sinéad has a flair for customer interactions and is a die hard VIP service enthusiast.  Having worked for many years in the hospitality and online gaming arena she now works with key account managers to help build valuable relationship with their customers. She also provides training to customer service, customer facing and chat host staff.


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